Giosolar 1120 Watt Solar Wind Hybrid Kit : 400W 12V/24V Wind Turbine Generator + 6pcs 120W Glass Monocrystalline Solar Panel + MPPT Solar Charge Controller+ Wind Controller+ Accessories


[Ideal Output]: The ideal daily power generation of our 1120W Solar Wind Power Kit is up to 5KWH. The combination of solar and wind energy make it a good choice for both residential and commercial use.
[MPPT Solar Controller]: Support to add more panels for future system expand. 60A MPPT solar Controller for battery protection. It can automatically shut down when the battery is fully charged, protect it from overcharge and short circuit.
[120W Solar Panel]: Upgraded from 3 Grid Lines to 5 Grid Lines, efficiency improved. With enhanced corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, the solar panel is durable, reliable and suitable for all off grid appliances.
[400W Wind Turbine Generator]: 400W wind turbine solve the problem that solar panels could not work during night time or when the sun is not strong enough. It has a low start-up speed, high wind power utilization, lightweight, low vibration with 6 blades and auto windward direction adjustment.
[Backup Powersupply]: Independent off-grid power supply, will not affect the electricity consumption of all users in the face of natural disasters

TR2869X TRA2869X TTraxxass 2S"Power Celll" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD TTraxxass Connector (7.4V/7600mAh) trax2869X

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TR2869X TRA2869X TTraxxass 2S”Power Celll” 25C LiPo Battery w/iD TTraxxass Connector (7.4V/7600mAh) trax2869X

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Wind & Solar Power Systems (2nd, 05) by Patel, Mukund R [Hardcover (2005)]

Wind & Solar Power Systems (2nd, 05) by Patel, Mukund R [Hardcover (2005)]